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Knights Templar Fleet


The Knights Templar were officially endorsed by the Roman Catholic Church around 1129. The Order became a favored charity throughout Christendom, and grew rapidly in membership and power. They were established to protect the poor, the weak. and the less skilled armies.

The Knights Templar of The United Federation of Planets is a contemporary version of its predecessor. With the loss of the Khitomer Accord and the rise in tension in the Neutral Zone, Starfleet thought it prudent to institute a specialized fleet. In 2407, the Knights Templar Fleet was established by the Federation to perform high-risk operations that fell outside the abilities, functions, and duties of regular Starfleet missions.

Its purpose: to defend all those requiring aid at all cost. The first ship assigned to this new, unique fleet was the Hektor in 2408. Soon after flying her maiden voyage on stardate 86045.3, several other units were added to the fleet to better protect Starfleet vessels and those of its allies.

Though no longer endorsed by a religious power, their duty remains the same; and though much has changed in over 1,200 years, their mandate remains virtually the same.

"The Knights Templar exist to defend ships in distress and to uphold the principles of the Federation in the most dire circumstances. When others lack courage, the Knights Templar hold the line. As Starfleet Officers, we do not seek conflict; but, as Knights, we will never turn away from it."

Since its foundation in 2407, the Knights Templar Fleet has grown to a size of 15 ships strong, and is still growing. Officers are recruited on a simple premise; respect begets respect: value your fellow Knights, hold other officers in high regard, and respect your enemy. This has been the root of their prominence, making these prestigious posts highly sought after by Federation Officers looking for opportunities to prove their valor. The sense of pride, dedication, and courage of the men and women of the Knights Templar Fleet have become renowned throughout Starfleet and the Federation.

Fleet Details

Ship details are currently classified under Starfleet Order 5839, Section 2.

About Us

We are a fleet that caters to casual gamers who put fun first. There is no mandatory minimum attendance but we ask you to warn us in advance for prolonged absences. The main requirements are to follow our fleet mandate (purpose) and be over 21. People close to said age will be handled on a case per case basis. No offence is intended; we want mature players. Our guideline on the forum is to respect everyone and their opinions.


This will consist mainly of PvE with possibilities for light RP and PvP. Our affiliation lies with the Federation. Fleet members should protect the weak and help where needed. In other words, we will provide assistance to solo players or small teams/fleets when they need a helping hand, but not to ‘needy attention grabbers.’ We will also protect new players and help them get up and running if they ask us. Show respect and you shall receive it!

The Order

The Order is a group of members chosen by the fleet with a rotating membership. Their orders are twofold:

  • In game: they will manage the distribution of fleet resources (not player resources).
  • On the forum: they will be the contact point for new members and people wanting to join us. They will answer member questions, take suggestions, and be moderators for internal disputes.
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